Professor John Bowers and Dr Mario Paniccia

July 27th 2010 – Intel Corporation today announced an important advance in the quest to use light beams to replace the use of electrons to carry data in and around computers.

Key points from the announcement are:

  • Intel Labs has created the world’s first silicon-based optical data connection with integrated lasers using Hybrid Silicon Laser technology.
  • The experimental chip can move data at 50 billion bits per second (50Gbps). Researchers are now pressing on to demonstrate even faster speeds.
  • The availability of low-cost, high-speed optical communications based on this technology could allow computer makers to completely rethink traditional system design from netbooks to supercomputers.
  • Businesses with server farms or datacenters could eliminate performance bottlenecks while saving significant operational costs in space and energy, replacing many cables with one optical fibre.









50G Photonics Link (2)

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Intel Labs Fellow Dr. Mario Paniccia

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Transmit Module 2

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50 Silicon Photonics Link (3)

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50G Tx and Rx Chips

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