Intel Releases The Intel Learning Studio, a Free Game-Based Learning Platform for Teachers


  • Innovative platform to be launched worldwide at the 12th Intel Education Summit as a free learning and sharing resource for teachers across the globe
  • The game-based platform will also enable teachers to share lessons plans, consult and provide feedback with peers and learn from a worldwide community of educators
  • Demand for gamification and game-infused learning methods is growing, as mounting evidence suggests a link between play-based education, motivation and student achievement levels

LONDON, Dec. 1, 2015 – To coincide with the 12th Annual Intel Education Summit today, Intel has announced a new, innovative online platform, The Intel® Learning Studio, which will feature a range of free, game-infused professional development courses. The courses, called journeys, enable teachers to drive greater engagement in the classroom through gamification techniques.

Intel developed The Intel® Learning Studio platform in partnership with Arizona State University, under the advisory of Professor Sasha Barab, a leading expert in the field of gamification and play-based teaching methods and Executive Director of the Center for Games and Impact. The journeys are designed for inquiry-based teaching and learning, and will give teachers the resources and information to develop collaboration, problem-solving and inquisitive learning in a playful way in the classroom.

The objective is to enable teachers to better motivate pupils, and have a positive impact on engagement, participation and performance. The Intel® Learning Studio will also act as a social hub for teachers to share lessons plans, consult and provide feedback with their peers and learn from a community of educators across the globe.

“Through Intel’s work in education, we’re equipping teachers to create and mentor the next generation of lifelong learners,” said Rosalind (Roz) L. Hudnell, vice president in Human Resources, director of Corporate Affairs at Intel and president of the Intel Foundation. “Increasingly, businesses have a key focus on technology, and it’s essential that students are prepared with digital skills to achieve economic empowerment.”

The online journeys can be taken at any time, from anywhere. They provide step-by-step instructions for teachers to break down a curriculum to create greater personalisation and student choice in their classroom. Since teachers are experiencing a game-infused environment for their own learning, they are more likely to model that experience for their students. For example, a teacher could use a gamified approach to inquiry-based learning in a science class through the use of badges and achievements in place of traditional rote learning. Well-designed games and game-infused experiences offer a balance of challenges and rewards that can drive engagement and time-on-task.

“We have been working with Intel the past year, introducing its technology into the classroom as part of our new computing curriculum helping teach coding to UK pupils. This new resource will further support our teachers in training the pupils in the key skills that they will need to succeed in the future. Not only that, play-based learning means student are using techniques they practice in their social life in the classroom”, said Shahneila Saeed Programme Director, Digital Schoolhouse.

The demand for gamification and game-infused learning methods is growing as research suggests a link between play-based education and student performance, and the enormous potential of games to help address some of the most pressing current social, cultural, scientific and economic challenges.

However, this demand is compounded by a drop in participation, especially among girls, in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects once pupils reach secondary school and at university, and by lower numbers of STEM graduates choosing vocational careers. This skills gap is a major concern for EU businesses and governments.

The beta version of the Intel® Learning Studio platform, Designing Projects for Impact, will be available this month; a limited amount of users will be able to sign up at The final version of the platform will go live in US English worldwide in June 2016.

The announcement was made at the keynote speech of the 12th Intel Education Summit in London which, held on December 1-2. The Summit brings together over 280 local, national and European leaders in education, gaming and technology exploring the potential and pre-requisites of a game-infused approach to education.

Intel and Intel Education have been providing technology and tools to educators and governments for more than 20 years, making resources and professional development courses available to 15 million teachers across the globe. For more information, please visit  

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