Chipshot: Oxford vs Cambridge – from Boat Race to eSports varsity battle

Whilst the battle between the two universities in the annual boat race has been part of the sporting calendar since 1829, what you may not know is that, for the past two years, teams from these famous institutions have battled it out in deep space playing Starcraft II, crossed swords in the mythical fantasy lands of DOTA 2 and competed in the confined corridors of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO).

Now in it’s third year the two teams will go head to head this weekend and battle it out once again in the eSports arena.  With Cambridge having won the last two tournaments, Oxford are hoping for victory this year.

Both teams will be playing on hardware powered by the latest Intel® 6th Generation Core™ processors and you can follow the action and see if Oxford can pull one back. Watch the A stream at, and the B stream at